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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How To Get On National Television

How To Get On National TV...

Today we're going to show you how to get on National TV.

You'll need the following:

- video camera
- computer w/ printer
- Image software (Paint or Photoshop)
- the internet
- paper
- shoelace (for ID badge lanyard)
- glue
- packing tape (for boxes and to "laminate" ID badge)
- scissors
- boxes
- glasses

What you'll need to do is look up whatever the newest Harry Potter book about to hit shelves is. We chose the Half Blood Prince as it was due out in a week.

Then we searched the internet for pictures of the cover (available in hi res on most fan sites).

We used this to create our fake book cover.

We then put that cover over an older Harry Potter Book of around the same page length (info on

Then we researched what the boxes the books are shipped in look like. We found lots of pictures of previous boxes and evn some video on the news of the new ones. (Note: the color of the text on the cover is the cover they usually go with for the box printing).

We then created fake boxes with white computer paper and a Harry Potter font found for free at

We assembled our fake boxes and with our fake book in tow we built our supply room. Any small room will do as the shots won't be wide.

We also dressed like employees from a local bookstore to really sell it. We even made fake id badges and taped their logo to our shirts.

Then we read fans theories on what would happen in the next book and used this as "real spoilers" (another good idea is to look at foreign covers of the books as they can sometimes gives away details too).

We shot our video and uploaded to sites like YouTube, Break, and College Humor.

Then we let the media do the rest :)

Watch MORE clips of this video on National TV!