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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How To Make Phone Calls From Your iPod Touch

How to Make Phone Calls From Your IPod Touch

Apple has changed the way the world looks at cell phones... unfortunately the plans they offer through AT&T are on the expensive side. Luckily with the release of their new 2nd Generation iPod Touch you can now make FREE phone calls from your jailbroken iPod without worrying about going over on your minutes!

NOTE: you can only make phone calls from places where you have internet access via WiFi and you can only make OUTGOING calls, you will NOT receive INCOMING calls and your number will come up as unavailable on Caller ID!

In this video, MacGyver shows you how to use your iPod Touh to make FREE phone calls using the following items:

- a jailbroken* iPod Touch (2nd Generation- for mic compatibility)
- a cracked Phone dialing app (download one HERE)
- iPhone headphones w/ mic OR THESE headphones from Apple
- a test phone to call from your iPod
- WiFi internet access

*I'm not going to bother with describing how to jailbreak your iPod Touch, there's plenty of tutorials already online if you Google it*

All videos contained on this site are for educational purposes ONLY. MacGyver is a professional and you should NOT try this at home. We are not responsible for any misuse of this information!