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Monday, December 3, 2007

How To Turn a Calculator Into a Metal Detector (improved model)

How To Turn A Calculator Into A Metal Detector (improved Model)
All electronics emit radio frequencies (RF) from their circuit boards. You can manipulate this signal to detect metallic objects. With this improved model, by using the headphones, battery and discs you can reduce the noise to only making static when near a metal object. The discs work by mimicking the functionality of the coils in the disc shape end of a professional metal detector does (hence why this version has an improved depth of 6-10 inches depending on the type of material it's detecting through). The calculator provides the RF signal is amplified by the CD-R (emitting disc) and then bounces off nearby metallic object and back to the DVD-R (receiving disc). This signal is then sent to the headphones via the electric current provided by the 9v battery. Therefore, when you hear static in the headphone there's metal below!

In this video, MacGyver shows you how to build a metal detector using the following items:
-calculator (non-solar powered)
- headphones
- CD-R
- 9v Battery
- electrical tape
- glue
- scisssors

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